Meeting Minutes

January 2013

  • New t-shirts are in! T-shirts are $15 dollars each and come in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes.  Those interested in ordering a shirt, should talk to Carlin. Cash or check are accepted (made out to SIUC AFS). The shirts are dark blue, and the design (on the back) has a large sturgeon and many fish silhouettes making up the state of Illinois. New photos of the design will be posted on the Subunit’s apparel page.
  • Hybrid Striped Bass and Channel Catfish Harvest: This spring, the Subunit will be harvesting Hybrid Striped Bass and Channel Catfish to sell to market in St. Louis. Bonnie discussed the importance of getting volunteers  to seine the fish from the ponds, take data if necessary, and drive the fish to St. Louis. The need for volunteers to help weed the ponds was also discussed. More details will follow as harvest time approaches.
  • New Fish Fry venue: Every spring, the Subunit hosts an annual Fish Fry at the Campus Lake boat docks. Though turnout is usually good from the Fisheries and Zoology types, it is lacking in the way of the general public. To remedy this,Jeff and Carlin discussed the possibility off changing the venue to one of the Sunset Concerts (they occur in the summer). The hope was to reach a larger amount of the greater Carbondale community. Carlin and Jeff are currently trying to work out the logistics and figure out how to make this happen.
  • Undergraduate Workshops: The first undergraduate workshop to be hosted by Carlin will be tour of our wet lab facility as well as  teaching skills such as blood collection from fish and different techniques in which to sedate fish. Whether working for a hatchery or in the field, knowing the correct methods on how to sedate and bleed fish are important skills for undergraduates and new students. Also, coming up this spring (about April), the Subunit invited new students to volunteer with sampling (electrofishing) and data collection on Chautauqua Lake.
  • Illinois AFS meeting: The annual Illinois AFS meeting will take place at Rend Lake. Six Subunit members will be attending, with some of those presenting at the meeting. Anthony reported a partial list of donated items for the raffle at the meeting (including tickets to Cardinals and Cubs game, autographed photos of professional athletes, etc.).
  • National AFS volunteering: At the upcoming meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, our Subunit will be helping with the Asian Carp session. Jesse discussed the volunteer opportunities, and it was decided that the Subunit will provide moderators, A/V help, and general organization duties for the session.
  • Treasurer/Purchase Report: Carlin reported that the Subunit has ample funds to purchase a few items for the upcoming IL-AFS raffle, and supplies (rods, reels, line, etc.) for the upcoming Urban Fishing season.
  • Fish U: Candie shared that Fish U will be August 1st through the 3rd. Candie informed new members that Fish U is an opportunity for high school students to learn more about the wonderful world of fisheries through hands-on activities in the field and in the lab. Students are exposed to skills such as electrofishing, fish and invertebrate identification, fish biology, and more. The 3 day event is hosted by Candie and graduate students/researchers of the SIU Fisheries community.

November 2012

  • Donations for the raffle at the upcoming annual meeting of the IL-AFS were discussed. Anthony has already secured some valuable donations for the raffle, and is working to get more.
  • Anthony was nominated and receieved the position as the Subunit’s new Vice President.
  • Carlin and Jeff discussed the need for a banner, and have the graphic from our new t-shirts match the banner design. Plans were made to discuss with Attitude Designs about the banner and shirt designs.
  • Members did not express interest in creating updated stickers for the Subunit. Members gave their input on what t-shirt colors they wish to have. Popular suggestions were forest green, blue, and a camouflage color. Jeff, Carlin, and Anthony will work with Attitude Designs to hopefully get a new t-shirt design created and ready for ordering by Christmas.
  • A hog roast recap was given by Carlin. She reported that it was a fun, memorable, and successful event, and our Subunit made a record amount of donations.
  • There was also a Prawn Harvest recap  given by Carlin. The prawn harvest was a unique and very fun experience, and our Subunit made a nice profit from the prawn sale. The prawn sale allowed for the Subunit to reach a wide variety of members of SIUC and the greater Carbondale community. The prawn sale was extremely successful, and there are hopes to continue it next spring. A special acknowledgement was given to Bonnie Mulligan for her hard work, dedication, and passion given to the prawn sale. Part of the profits from the prawn sale will be used to buy new rods, reels, and line for the kid’s fishing events that the Subunit hosts throughout the year.
  • Members expressed interest in having Big Muddy River clean-up days, where members would pick up trash along the banks of the river. The cleanup days are currently in the planning stages and will be ready to roll soon.
  • The workshops for new students in fisheries science were also planned. The tentative schedule is as follows: December: Facility Tour (Wetlab, Boat Barn, Research Ponds); January (Fish Culture and Husbandry Techniques); February: (Boat Maintenance and Skills); April: (Electrofishing).
  • Jesse brought up an important volunteer opportunity at the national level for the upcoming AFS annual meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. Members expressed great interest in helping organize a session at the annual meeting. This opportunity is currently in  the planning stages and more will be announced at the next meeting.
  • Members expressed interest in creating more outreach opportunities for area high school students. Ideas that were brought up included: Classroom visits, complete with demonstrations and presentations; Assisting with a fish-related group research project; Incorporating more tour groups of our facilities.
  • The final order of business was the discussion of volunteering at the Science Center in December. Members expressed interest in offering hand-on activities offered to children,  and included: fish prints, fish identification, and fish physiology activities. The date and time for the event is December 29th from 2-4 pm.

September 2012

  • First meeting of the school year- we had a great turn out, a lot to cover, and a fair amount of new members. We hope to have a fun and productive year!
  • The 2012 Hog Roast will be Saturday, October 13th, at Dr. Heist’s house. Carlin offered to coordinate with Dr. Apgar on the hog donation. Jeff, Carlin, Lindsey, Brian, Dr. Trushenski, and Dr. Heist will make up “Team Hog”.
  • John Bowzer said the 1st annual Carp-A-Thon was a success, and members voted to support a future Carp-A-Thon fundraiser for next year.
  • Carlin Fenn discussed the details of the new SIUC AFS website.
  • Bonnie Mulligan said the Touch of Nature Prawn Harvest 2012 will occur the week of the 17th through the 21st of September. Those interested in helping should e-mail Bonnie available dates for this week. Also, Bonnie mentioned that the SIUC USAS (United States Aquaculture Society) is now part of the SIUC AFS.
  • Members discussed volunteer coordination for Anna’s Kid’s Day and A Day on the River events. Members voted to participate in river and watershed clean-up events in place of highway litter cleanup. Additionally, the idea to host electrofishing, boating, and boat trailering clinics for those who wish to brush up on their skills (AFS members and Saluki Bassers members) appeared to be popular and will occur possibly in Spring 2013.
  • Anthony offered to help ask area businesses to donate fishing poles and tackle for kid’s fishing events. Dr. Heist suggested the Saluki Bassers would help in readying the fishing poles, line, and tackle for the 2013 Urban Fishing season.
  • The next meeting will be about 2 weeks from the hog roast in order to discuss hog roast logistics and other important SIUC AFS information.

June 2012

  • Thank you to John Bowzer (president), Kenson Kanczuzewski (vice president), and Allison Asher (secretary/treasurer) for serving as AFS officers during the 2011-2012 school year! We appreciate your service.
  • John Bowzer welcomed Aaron Kern (president), Jeff Hillis (vice-president), and Carlin Fenn (secretary/treasurer) as the new AFS officers for the 2012-2013 school year.
  • The need for new t-shirt designs was discussed. Also, ideas of making opaque AFS bumper stickers instead of transparent (harder to see on vehicles) appeared to be popular among members.
  • An idea for a SIUC AFS banner in which to display at public outreach events was presented. Jeff Gersch offered to look into pricing and design of the banner.
  • Carlin Fenn talked about ideas for revamping the SIUC AFS website and will act as webmaster for the new site.
  • Mike Miles, the organizer of the Carp-o-Thon, attended the meeting and discussed tournament logistics and rules with AFS members. SIUC AFS members agreed to assist with the Carp-o-Thon that will be co-hosted by SIUC AFS, St. Andrews Catholic Church, and the Bow Fishing Association of Southern Illinois. Members would help register competitors, weigh fish, and assist with general needs.
  • The SIUC Fisheries/Zoology golf scramble outing, created by John Bowzer, was discussed. It will occur on July 14th at Crab Orchard golf course. There will be prizes as well as food after the golf event.

May 2012

  • Thank you to everyone who helped with the Fish Fry! It was a success. There was a fair amount of leftover frozen fish and John Bowzer wanted to picked  a date to have a “thank you” fish fry to all those that helped.
  • John Bowzer gathered event volunteers for the following upcoming kid’s educational/fishing events:
    • Fishing Derby at Lake Glendale (8AM-12PM): Sat. June 9th
    • Weekly Urban Fishing
    • Day Camp at Evergreen Park in Carbondale (9AM-1PM): Tuesday, June 12th
  • John discussed the opportunity to help with the Bighead and Silver Carpothon on August 101th-11th. The contact and organizer of the event is Mike Miles, from Saint Andrew Catholic School in Murphysboro, IL. The event will be a fundraiser for the school as well as SIUC AFS. Mike wanted to setup a conference call or come to a meeting to discuss some details and take ideas if the club would want to pursue this event. There would be awards for biggest fish, small fry, and most poundage.
  • Nominations for new officers for the upcoming election was also discussed and names were given. Voting/presentation of new officers will occur next meeting.